Comprehensive online bidding solutions
for the gem industry

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Aramis Censio is a Software-as-a-Service and data analytics firm that provides comprehensive IT solutions to enable producing countries, mining companies and tender houses to securely and transparently conduct competitive sales of gemstones or other rare natural resources.

Its subscription-based online platform -Aramis- is a disruptive innovation, which dissociates the logistical features from the commercial data in order to ensure both transparency and confidentiality.

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The platform offers a ready-to-use, efficient solution for sellers to manage, either outsourcing or in-house, the process-intensive operational aspects of organising viewings, while warranting the non-disclosure of critical information and retaining the full control at any stage.

Sellers can also run simultaneous competitive events of multiple productions with limited human resources and hardware requirements irrespective of the location of the sale.

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Aramis’ interface can be entirely customised to offer a more personalised end-user experience, while numerous functional developments can be implemented to further adapt the system to customer's needs.

Thanks to the interoperability of its architecture, the application service substantially reduces the operating costs of competitive sales management, optimises commercial expectations and generates unmatched in-depth data analytics in the upstream segment of the gemstone and rare mineral industries.


Online customer registration
Know-Your-Customer compliance
Customer relationship management
Sales planning
Invitation to public viewings
Online appointment booking
On-site attendance verification
Stock management control
Bids collection
Activity reporting
Bids processing
Results announcement
Weight reconciliation
Post-sale analytics
Customer performance measurement